Monday, December 13, 2010

Scared of the dark and the Light

Lyla has entered a new stage in our sleep battle that has now waged for two and a half years. She now tries, through various methods, to claim our attention even for just a few minutes whenever she is supposed to be sleeping. The most recent strategic attacks include asking for water, saying she needs cream (Vaseline) on her hands, wanting her socks to be taken off and claiming that she is scared. Having figured out that all of the above warrant reactions from her parents, she now employs her tactics several times a night.

Most recently, I was putting Lyla to bed on a Sunday night while Garth was at work. She fell asleep so I left the room only to hear her wake up a few minutes later crying "I scared! I Scared" through the monitor. I went back into her room and explained to her that she didn't need to be scared because not only was I right here in the house, but I also explained to her that Jesus was always with her and so she never needed to be scared because she can always talk to him. Appeased by the attention and our conversation, Lyla fell back asleep and I once again left the room. A few minutes later Garth arrived home and our yapping guard dog toy poodle Ruby alerted the house to his presence. Lyla woke up again crying, so this time Garth went in to say goodnight and soothe her. As I am sitting in the living room with the monitor on in the background I hear him ask Lyla what is wrong, again she claimed she was scared.

"What are you scared of?" Garth asked.

Immediate reply: "I scared of Jesus."

So that lesson didn't quite pan out, but Garth was able to get her to fall asleep for the night, so I suppose we won the battle, although the victor of this sleep war is yet to be determined. At least we know God is apparently on our side.

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