Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jumping into Toddlerdome: pee pee & molars

I just noticed how many of my posts have bodily functions in the title. Sorry about that. However, that is what we are really dealing with so I guess it must be shared. Lyla hit two major milestones in the last two days. Both of which were totally unexpected and one that I didn't even know existed (hint: that is not the pee pee part, I knew about that).

That said, Lyla went pee pee in her potty for the first time yesterday. It was very anti-climatic because although we bought her a potty weeks ago, we have done very little to really acquaint her with her potty - that came with it's own toilet paper holder by the way. I am such a sucker for that kind of dumb stuff that only costs $23 more dollars than the toilet where, God forbid, Lyla would have to reach across the tile for paper she doesn't know how to use in a place I am not entirely sure she knows exists. That said, Lyla's little friend Lily came over on Monday, sat on the potty three different times and went pee once. So as Garth was heading into the bathroom yesterday and asked Lyla if she needed to go pee pee as well, you can imagine his surprise when she said yes, took of her own diaper, sat down and went pee pee in her potty. She has not done it since and honestly, who knows if she will ever do it again, but she did it once - and in true Lyla form she did it on her own terms and when she decided it was time to start. She now is running around with Pull-ups featuring Disney Princesses, which is hilarious. She is peeing all over Cinderella's face, which is ironic considering she is the princess who is the best at cleaning, but it is pretty cute to watch her try to pull them up and down.

Today we had another big milestone when I arrived home from work to be told by Allison, Lyla's best friend and old nanny, that Lyla was teething. Thinking she already had all of her teeth, I thought, "Well that is impossible but I wouldn't put it past her." Turns out there is a reason I should have kept Allison as a nanny, because she was right. There is a thing called two-year molars and they are definitely coming in on Lyla's bottom jaw. However, this story ends in an undramatic fashion as well. All three of us happily gave Lyla our favorite thing - medicine. Lyla likes the taste, Garth and I enjoy the lethargic effect.

As a final note I feel it is important to add, so that I don't later forget, that as Lyla is jumping into advanced toddler-hood with her teeth and potty pursuits, after watching the highlights of "Free Willy" last night, she is also jumping all over our house. We fast forwarded through "Free Willy" on Netflix and just watched the parts where the whale jumps out of the water and then the end when he clears the rock wall with Michael Jackson cheering him on (or at least it goes something like that). During the last scene I got Lyla to cheer for Willy with me, yelling "Jump! Jump Willy! Jump!" at the TV. She now throws our couch cushions on the ground, yells "JUMP! Jump Lyla!" and jumps from the couch to the cushion that rests about six inches below. She is also now jumping from our bed onto her mattress on the ground and from the ottoman in her room to the carpet. Every time she jumps she is sure to announce her action and cheer for her self upon completion. It's just the way she rolls. Although we should probably stop encouraging her to scream Pee Pee when she urinates. That could get awkward in high school.

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